Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School General Information

School Life at Showa Daiichi GakuenA diverse range of activities and eventsWhen our students participate in national competitions and other activities, local residents cheer them on enthusiastically, and their progress as children of the local community is followed with warm interest. To show our appreciation for the kindness shown to our students, we place emphasis on engaging in a wide range of activities in order to fulll our responsibilities as members of our local community.Our responsibilities as a member of our local communityIn accordance with our educational objective of fostering students with attractive personalities with both solid academic capabilities and well-rounded character, Showa Daiichi Gakuen encourages students to engage proactively in afterschool extracurricular activities, volunteering, school festivals, overseas exchange activities, and more. We make a point of providing plentiful facilities and opportunities to this end.It is our sincere hope that through these activities, students build new friendships, learn about teamwork and leadership, and gain values and a sense of achievement that differ from those gained through curricular academic activities. Thanks to this policy, our students are able to take advantage of an environment that encourages them to grow and develop their own abilities, and some achieve excellent results at national competitions and other such events.Drafting roomCraftsmanship workshop for young studentsSchool festival5

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