Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School General Information

General Curriculum CoursesAcademic Support CenterCollaborative Education Program A study room that students can use during their free time is available at the Center. Teachers also offer academic counseling and provide suggestions about the most suitable study programs to pass the entrance examinations for the universities of their choice. They can also seek the help of the tutor who is permanently stationed at the center to efciently move forward in their studies.Visits to partner universities and vocational technical institutes are organized for students who wish to pursue their studies at science and engineering universities. During these visits, they attend lectures conducted by professors, tour the research laboratories, and try their hands at experiments. This simulation experience plays an important role in raising the learning motivation of students. A curriculum that is largely similar to that of the General Department has been prepared. In addition, through a curriculum that places special focus on the respective courses, students learn the spirit and skills of the “monozukuri” (manufacturing) that Japan takes pride in, and at the same time, aim to enter science and engineering universities or work in excellent advanced companies.Every year, 120 students enter the Technical Department. Starting from their second year in the department, students are classied into the following four courses based on their wishes, suitability, and results.Technical DepartmentFoundations of Industrial TechnologyStudents study fundamental knowledge relating to machinery, electronic communications, and architectural design, and acquire basic skills.Foundations of Industrial MathematicsStudents acquire fundamental knowledge and skills about mathematics and physics, which will be required in their respective specialized courses.To acquire fundamental knowledgeA balanced curriculum made up of subjects from General Technical and General Preparatory curriculaJapan has an economy based on technology and as such, its manufacturing must always be of the highest calibre. The progress of IT has also spurred the development of diverse digital tools which have enabled production in small lots to meet niche and sophisticated needs. And in this globalized world, we have arrived in an age where it is possible for new products to emerge from any country at all. Digital manufacturing curriculumOur General Technical curriculum is built on the concept of “digital manufacturing” appropriate for today’s world. This curriculum is a balanced blend of technical and general subjects, delivering content suited to our global times. It is set apart by the study of the basics of digital processing technology invaluable for those wishing to go on to a science degree at university or technical college, or to nd employment with an advanced manufacturer.4

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