Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School General Information

Departments and CoursesCareer and Academic SupportHonors Course / Advanced Course / General CourseCareer Consultation Ofce /Academic Guidance OfceGeneral DepartmentShowa Daiichi Gakuen has prepared a curriculum that caters to a range of future study paths of our students, with the aim of supporting them in their advancement to all faculties in public and private universities across Japan. We have also developed an educational system that offers strong support for students who wish to take up the challenge of gaining admission into highly selective universities.The General Department comprises a Honors Course, an Advanced Course and a General Course. The General Course accepts about 320 students every year, while the Advanced Course accepts about 60 students and Honors Course only accepts 16 students each year. While students who possess a level of academic ability, and who are aiming to gain admission into highly selective universities, are enrolled in the accelerated course, all students in both of the courses receive high standards of education corresponding to their learning motivation, and are given the opportunity to carve out their desired study and career paths during their three years of study at Showa Daiichi Gakuen. Showa Daiichi Gakuen has also established an Academic Support Center for highly motivated students who wish to gain admission to highly selective universities, with the aim of providing individual guidance corresponding to the needs of each student.A space has been made available where students can relax. Here, the Director of the Ofce, who had formerly worked in the recruiting department of a private-sector corporation, responds to various students’ inquiries relating to career and academic advancement, based on his own experiences and a wealth of information from universities and corporations. While putting effort into improving facilities and equipment as well as human resources, Showa Daiichi Gakuen also undertakes various initiatives to provide career and academic support for students. 1. 7th period classesA practical class is conducted once academic lessons end after the 6th period, to prepare students for university entrance examinations.2. End-of-semester classesClasses that focus on summarizing the contents studied during each semester are conducted just before the long vacation periods in summer (July), winter (December), and spring (March).3. One-week study camp during the summer vacationStudents stay at quiet summer resort areas to study more effectively in an environment that improves their focus and concentration.4. Lectures and workshopsAlumni of Showa Daiichi Gakuen as well as working adults are invited to these events, which seek to create opportunities for students to hear about the experiences of others that will motivate them in their studies for entrance examinations. These events also serve a useful role in helping students decide their respective career and study paths. The Honors Class involves a term of study in a foreign country. It lasts a period of around three months, which may cause anxiety for some, however our preparatory study program allows students to acquire the English they need to study at school overseas before they leave. Moreover, the program allows students to enjoy their overseas study experience as a class, with their friends present for encouragement.Afterwards, post-return study provides ongoing daily opportunities to use English with the aim of passing EIKEN Grade Pre-1. Our Term Abroad program is not simply a three-month period of overseas study, it is a nine-month program that includes preparatory study and post-return study. Participating students will of course improve their linguistic ability, but by living overseas for an extended period, they will also gain a deep appreciation of the different lifestyle, values and ways of thinking among the people of that country. Providing various extracurricular courses to improve academic ability and support students in planning their future career and study pathsA nine-month program including preparatory study and post-return studyTerm Abroad3

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