Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School General Information

About Showa Daiichi GakuenHistory1940Established as Showa Daiichi Engineering School1989Name changed to Showa Daiichi Gakuen1993Became a sister school of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Dah Yung Senior High School2009Introduction of the General Department (Accelerated Course/General Preparatory Course), a scholarship program, and six-day school week2010Technical Department established 201070th anniversary ceremony held2014Construction of new wing completedGeneralClassesGeneral Humanities and Arts ClassesGeneral Science and Engineering ClassesDepartments and CoursesYear 1Year 2 and 3GeneralDepartmentHonorsCourseHonorsCourseHonors Humanities and Science mixed Class*AdvancedCourseGeneralCourseAdvanced ClassesAdvanced Humanities and Arts ClassesAdvanced Science and Engineering ClassesYear 1Year 2 and 3Technical DepartmentGeneral Curriculum CoursesGeneral Technical ClassesAbout Tachikawa CityShowa Daiichi Gakuen is located on a major thoroughfare in a residential area approximately 2.5km from the center of Tachikawa City, and approximately 8 minutes by bus from JR Tachikawa Station. The majority of our students live in the Tama area, which makes up the western half of Tokyo Prefecture, and is home to more than 70 universities and approximately 130,000 business establishments including cutting-edge businesses working in IT and other elds. The area has experienced well-balanced development of education, culture, commerce, and industry, and Tachikawa City is the area’s core urban center. Situated near the very center of Tokyo Prefecture, Tachikawa City is also the gateway to the Okutama mountain region, which accounts for roughly 24% of the prefecture’s area, and is therefore blessed with a diverse natural environment while also being only approximately 30 minutes from downtown Tokyo by train, meaning it also functions as a commuter town.Information about Tachikawa City (as of December 2018)PopulationApproximately 184,000Land area24.38km2 TemperatureAverage 15.6°CMaximum 38°C (August) Minimum -5.6°C (December)Annual rainfall1,520mmMap of TokyoShowa Daiichi Gakuen was founded in 1940 as a school with the motto “Delightfulness, Dignity, Decency, ” which was based on the educational philosophy of educator Yasuji Hiruma, the school’s rst president: “Fostering students who perform at the forefront of society. ” Approximately 1,600 students are enrolled at the school including general department students who are aiming to advance to university to pursue a diverse array of future goals, and technical department students aiming to contribute to the development of industry through gaining employment in technical elds or advancing to higher education.Showa Daiichi Gakuen’s educational objective is to foster in students “humanity underpinned by solid academic capabilities and well-rounded character.” By increasing students’ exposure to other cultures through collaboration with overseas educational institutions and other such initiatives, we strive to foster students able to participate actively in all economic, societal, and environmental facets of our rapidly-globalizing modern society.■Tama area*A combined class of Humanities and Arts with Science and Engineering2

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