Showa Daiichi Gakuen High School General Information

Our School MottoMessages"Akaruku," "Tsuyoku," "Tadashiku" ( "Delightfulness," "Dignity," "Decency" )This bronze relief, with “The Sun and Wheat” as its design motif, expresses our school’s motto: “Akaruku, Tsuyoku, Tadashiku” (“Delightfulness, Dignity, Decency”). It is displayed at the main entrance, where students see it as they arrive and leave each day. The motto expresses the idea of being “Akaruku” and energetic like the sun, with the kind of attractive personality that draws in others; being “Tsuyoku” like wheat, which only grows back stronger when stepped on, with the physical and psychological strength to overcome difcult challenges; and acting with integrity in every situation and having the courage to act “Tadashiku” at all times.Our mission for each of our students is for them to learn the importance of the following:1. The value of life2. Respect for the individuality of others3. Rejecting all forms of violence4. Fostering friendship, and creating friends for life5. Consideration for others and cooperationAs the President of this school, I consider each of our students and their guardians to be our customers, and I therefore believe that it is our responsibility to provide them with the very best service we can. In addition to providing students with full backup to help them live up to their potential and take on the challenge of entering highly selective universities, we also aim to help them to build character. By identifying and meeting the true needs, such as those above, of our students and their guardians, we are also aiming to become a school with a strong presence within the region.By educating students in line with our motto “Delightfulness, Dignity, Decency,” based on respect for individuality of each student, we have created a school culture overowing with warmth and humanistic spirit. With the advent of a knowledge-based society, knowledge, information, and technology are growing increasingly vital in all facets of society, and their dissemination is increasingly transcending borders as a result of the rapid development of information technology. This means that global competition is markedly intensifying, and modern society is experiencing dramatic waves of change. We hope to educate students who see these dramatic changes as opportunities for themselves to create their own rewarding futures, and who have the independence of spirit to overcome the various hurdles they will encounter on the way. That is exactly what our school’s educational objective is designed to express; and through teamwork between students, guardians, teachers, and others who sympathize with our aims, it is what we are striving to achieve.President Tadahiro OkandaPrincipal Tsutomu Morita

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